Friday, November 2, 2007

David Maraniss

When I think of going to Miami, my first thought is not of the beach, nor even a delicious Cuban pork sandwich, but of going to Books & Books and seeing the greatest bookseller in America, Mitchell Kaplan, who makes an author feel completely at home. Congratulations on 25 years of great books and friendship. - David Maraniss

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dave Mariness—Delighted to see your name among the well-wishers to Mitch Kaplan on the 25th anniversary of Books & Books. You may recall we first met at my farmhouse outside Princeton (I was sharing it with Celestine Bohlen) and Joel Garreau was not far down the road.

In any event, I now own a publishing company in Grand Cayman, where Mitch has just opened a bookstore. Talked to him this morning for a mini-interview for my magazine . . . What a treasure he is; one only hopes some of the great writers who have signed this blog will visit his new store on their upcoming book tours, yourself included, of course.

Know that you (and they) have got a friend and colleague there . . .

—Dave Legge,