Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anne Rice

It's hard for me to believe how many years have passed since I first walked into Books & Books, since I first signed in the Lincoln Mall store. Surely, it is one of my beloved book places in the whole country, and I have so many extraordinary memories of being in the store, of signing books, of meeting people, of browsing, of simply roaming through the store --- that I can't separate them out. Miami Beach came alive for me through Books & Books --- through my early experiences at the Miami Book Fair that Mitchell Kaplan fostered and supported, and possibly created. --- And intertwined with every memory is Mitch himself --- his beautiful voice, his graceful manner, his generous gaze. --- Bookstores are surely anointed places, and Books & Books is anointed. It's sort of a sacred space. ----

I miss Books & Books, its atmosphere, its vitality as I do Miami Beach and Miami -- one of the key capitols of the book world. I send my love to everyone there. Thank you. Thank you for all you gave to me.

Anne Rice, Rancho Mirage, California.

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