Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ferdie Pacheco

Romance of Books & Books

25 years ago I stumbled into the interior of the cozy Books & Books. I was captivated. I felt as if I stepped into the set of a Merchant and Ivory movie set. It had character, ambiance, it reeked of atmosphere.

The exterior of the building was pure 1920’s Coral Gables. It sat across from the big fire house, caddy corner from the bus station. It was lovely, romantic and historic. The first thing I noted and loved was that no one bothered me while I browsed through the books. I enjoyed sitting on the window seat. The light was great, the cushion soft and everywhere you turned stacks of books.

I began to pick up my young daughter Tina after school and spend time doing whatever she wanted. At least twice a week she chose to go to Books & Books and sit at the window seat to read a book with me. Those shared moments are magic I felt at home at Books & Books. When Tina was 14 yrs old Mitch Kaplan hired her. She loved every moment working among all of those books.

Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary.

Ferdie Pacheco

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