Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stephanie Norman (City Theatre)

Any inspired idea – big or small – finds a home with Mitchell Kaplan and Books & Books. When my partners and I founded City Theatre’s Summer Shorts Festival in 1996, we soon moved our literary dialogue and play reading series from the kitchen table to our community’s living room in hanging up our “shorts” at Books & Books. For all of my personal and professional pursuits, from author events with today’s bestsellers to Harry Potter parties with my kids, I am always graciously welcomed into Books & Books. With a dazzling collection of, well, books and books along with a remarkable staff and full calendar of inspiring events, I am always delighted to lose myself in this cultural. It is indeed an honor to be launching my newest idea, Perfectly Yours 30-Minute Memories, at Books & Books – as I know that Mitchell and company will long welcome the literary world’s many ideas to their doors. Congratulations!

Stephanie Norman
Co-Founder & Executive Director, City Theatre
Co-Founder & Author, Perfectly Yours 30-Minute Memories

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