Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vivienne Evans

Hailing from a country chiseled from the mist, where rainy tapestries and flowing greens and constant apologies about the weather have always made room for a people who cherish the slower walk, the longer chat, and who have a feeling for the nuisance of time; to find myself wandering on Lincoln Road, one balmy evening in January, 1994, where "old" was commencing its battle with "new", and strip malls were preparing to bury the meadows of our youth; wedged between old velum and peeling paint, I found Books & Books.

As an independent bookseller, standing on the other side of the counter, united with customers in this usually very entertaining, sometimes delicate, often witty exchange of taste, ideas, styles, notions, experiences, sentiments, refrains, or just plain ole' ballyhoo, I've seen how Books & Books has grabbed hold of even the toughest amongst us, and allowed itself to become our tradition, our home, and to many a wanderer from other distant shores, our roots on Miami Beach.

All major and minor figures in the divine literary hierarchy hear the faint rumblings in their veins when South Florida's only independent bookstore is mentioned and book tours commence, and over many years we've hosted poets, authors, prophets, rabbis, presidents, gurus, playwrights, novelists, plastic surgeons, teachers, and given support to those who create beauty, and dare to dream.

To our many customers who flock to reclaim over and over again a parcel of the Books & Books landscape, let us continue to extend to you that sweet and somewhat melancholic embrace, akin to what you offer to the returning pilgrim.

Vivienne Evans
Store Manager
Books & Books Miami Beach


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