Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dave Kliegman (Penguin Group)

I was an English major in college. I remember at the time getting all kinds of flack from my family. What would you do with an English major? I really wasn’t sure, but I knew that books had to be a big part of what I did for a living. I owned a bookstore and managed a bunch more before I got my true calling to be a publisher’s sales representative for a large publishing company.

The next question after accepting this position was, “Who is my market?”. Having had a store in central Florida I had heard of a wonderful bookstore in Coral Gables called Books and Books. One of my first visits as a sales rep was driving to S. Florida to call on this store. I was immediately in awe. Even after growing up in the New York City area I realized that this incredible bookstore was just what I had always envisioned my own to be. The gorgeous oversized books I never saw anywhere else- the incredible old first editions, the artwork! This is what a bookstore is supposed to be! That was in 1984, 23 years ago.

Now in 2007, there are three of these wonderful stores in the Miami area. Books & Books remains the standard, the very high standard for bookstores all over the country. Happy Anniversary!!!!

Dave Kliegman
Sales Representative, Penguin Group

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